Tiny little planet

By using a dual camera, each with 180-degree angle and different software’s stitching these two films together, a panorama film sequence is created. After freezing a certain sequence, the mathematical function of stereographic projection helps to engage a 360-degree panorama into a two dimensional, for lack of a better word, space-image. Here, space-image stands for the possibility of experiencing the full scope of a space through one single image; a spherical panorama. Even though this image is slightly distorted, the centre of the viewpoint is the ground, in our case, back alleYs in Hong Kong and Macau. The introduction of digital technology by space-images allows then for a potential different look to these underestimated connectors. Albeit the intention of imitating a walk through them, several technical restrictions forced the camera to be placed above eye level. Nevertheless, this detail never occurred in later discussions or changed any VR experiences. Yet, to fully appreciate and metaphorically ground these findings, the exhibition focused heavily on conducted interviews and visual maps discussing local venders and alley users.

Barber Lane 理髮師里, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Photo by Mark
Travessa dos Alfaiates 英華臺, St. Anthony’s Perish, Macau Peninsula

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